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The Lock-Keeper Blog

The Lock-Keeper has gone viral! Every few weeks we will be blogging about the Hotel barging experience; From the history of our hotel barges to some of the off the beaten track excursions we visit. Intrigued? Then read on...

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No Single Supplement for Solo Travellers on selected cruises in France and Italy 16th Jul 2015

A good number of people who really enjoy the ‘house party’ atmosphere aboard our hotel barges are those travelling alone, because they can easily mix and enjoy the whole experience with like-minded singles and couples. So we regularly waive the single supplement on selected cruises, such as on these departures between July and September 2015. 

6th Jul 2015

We have long understood that one of the real pleasures of cruising on a hotel barge is to experience some wonderful regional produce. This is why we like to take our guests to see some skilled local artisans at work and, of course, sample their products! If you are cruising with us in the Languedoc-Roussillon region then you will have the chance to join a special excursion to see the production process of the area’s renowned olive oil.

Unique Cruising Experiences on a Hotel Barge Cruise in France 29th Jun 2015

A cruise on a hotel barge gives you access to some unique opportunities that other types of holiday cannot rival. In this article we take a look at some hidden highlights that can only be experienced on a barge cruise in France.

25th Jun 2015

If you have ever caught a glimpse of any of our hotel barges, whether in real life or online on our website, you will see that we have a lot of beautiful vessels in our fleet. But what you may not know is the story of these hotel barges and how they’ve come to be what they are now!

Passengers On Board European Waterways Magna Carta Hotel Barge Help Celebrate 800th Anniversary of Famous Charter 12th Jun 2015

With 2015 marking the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta – or ‘Great Charter’ - the lucky passengers on board European Waterways hotel barge Magna Carta, which cruises the River Thames, are finding themselves in the middle of one of the U.Ks most significant commemorative events.

Introducing Hotel Barge Finesse 2nd Jun 2015

We are delighted to announce that our new luxury hotel barge, Finesse, poised to launch her maiden season in May 2016, will be cruising a new route as part of the company’s continuing expansion of vessels and services. An eight-passenger, 38-metre, deluxe double-decker vessel, the Finesse will cruise the River Saône and Canal du Centre in Southern Burgundy.

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