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The Lock-Keeper Blog

The Lock-Keeper has gone viral! Every few weeks we will be blogging about the Hotel barging experience; From the history of our hotel barges to some of the off the beaten track excursions we visit. Intrigued? Then read on...

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European Waterways' Luxury Hotel Barge Cruising Brochure for 2013 Now Available 1st Nov 2012

European Waterways has announced the release of its comprehensive brochure for the 2013 cruise season.  The brochure highlights the company’s one-of-a-kind “Longer Waterway Journeys” on cruises through France, Holland, Belgium and Germany.  It also offers an in-depth look at the company’s diverse fleet of luxury hotel barges, which operate on the inland waterways of these five countries, as well as those of Italy, Luxembourg, England, Scotland, and Ireland.  

Be Enchanted by South West France in the Spring 9th Oct 2012

With the thought of those cold Winter months fast approaching, planning a trip to the stunning Canal du Midi next Spring is a most appealing option. Luxury hotel barge operator European Waterways offers a range of relaxing, 6-night cruises on the waterways of France, including aboard the 8-passenger Enchanté, with its spacious cabins, which are the largest of any hotel barge on the 300-year old Canal du Midi, a UNESCO world heritage site.

European Waterways Falls into Autumn with Colourful Seasonal Specials 11th Sep 2012

 It is hard to imagine a more relaxing way to enjoy the vibrant colours of Autumn that will soon dust the landscape of Europe than to drift slowly down a tree-lined canal on the sundeck of a luxury hotel barge. As the leaves begin to turn and the summer crowds begin to fade, European Waterways, Europe’s largest luxury hotel barge cruising company, is making its own colorful transition into the Fall season with exciting specials on a variety of its cruises—making Autumn an ideal time to book a cruise for those new to this unique experience.  

European Waterways Maintains Highest Standards with Upgrades and New Offerings 24th Jul 2012

 An on-going program of upgrades and refurbishments to many of its hotel barges, as well as new amenities for guests, have helped make European Waterways Europe’s largest and most successful luxury hotel barge cruising company in the industry, recognized for their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of comfort and service for their customers. 

24th Jul 2012

After the excitement of the Summer ‘social season’ – Henley, Ascot and Wimbledon – and the London Olympics, yes there is still something to look forward to……the planning of a warm, relaxing holiday on a floating luxury barge on the waterways of France, or Italy

Travelers Can Book Cabins on European Waterways Vessels Cruising Rivers and Canals Near Major Sporting Events, Shows, and Festivals in Europe 28th Jun 2012

Major events like Wimbledon and the Olympics often sell out local hotel rooms for years in advance.  For last-minute travelers lucky enough to get tickets or vacationers who simply want to visit Europe during these times,  booking a cabin or even a whole boat charter with canal cruise operators such as European Waterways, Europe’s largest luxury hotel barge cruising company, may be just the ticket.  

“Whether it’s Wimbledon in London or the Notre Dame vs. the U.S Naval Academy football game in Ireland, there is still time for a lucky few to get a “front-row cabin” on one of our luxury hotel barges. We offer cruises all over Europe, so we’re sure to have a barge nearby,” says European Waterways’ managing director, Derek Banks.

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