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The Lock-Keeper Blog

The Lock-Keeper has gone viral! Every few weeks we will be blogging about the Hotel barging experience; From the history of our hotel barges to some of the off the beaten track excursions we visit. Intrigued? Then read on...

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Whisky Business: The Celtic Love of the ‘Water of Life’ 16th May 2017

It’s been the cause of many an argument in the pub or club – whisky or whiskey, which one is the correct spelling? As with most age-old disagreements, the answer is... both. Welcome to the history of whisk(e)y. 

Painting from Picardy to Paris Aboard the Panache 15th May 2017

There are some scenes which, although tucked away in the anonymous folds of the French countryside, millions of people worldwide, particularly art lovers, would instantly recognise. The lily pond spanned by a bridge at Giverny, or the Gothic church at Auvers-sur-Oise, van Gogh’s final resting place. And passengers get the chance to visit these iconic places on our Classic Cruise en route to Paris aboard the hotel barge Panache. 

The ‘Path Less Travelled’ 15th May 2017

We are expanding our excursion and on-board barge options to include more immersive activities that meet travellers’ rising demand for experiential holidays. Highly personalised experiences include an exclusive tour of a castle garden in Scotland, led by the head gardener – and often, the “lady of the house” herself

Chef's Recipe: Le Gigot d’Agneau 12th Apr 2017

As in so many countries around the world, in France Easter is an important time of year. Families get together and some classic, traditional recipes are cooked that everyone can enjoy. One such recipe is Le Gigot d’Agneau, a succulent roasted leg of new season lamb, largely regarded as a symbol of Spring. 

From the Roman to the Romanesque: The Attractions of Autun 12th Apr 2017

One of the great things about our classic cruise through Burgundy on the hotel barge Finesse is that it offers you the chance to explore some of the region’s fascinating historical towns, which boast a rich and proud past. One such visit is a visit to Autun, a town in southern Burgundy that nestles at the foot of the Morvan hills. 

Strasbourg: the City at the Crossroads 12th Apr 2017

The Alsatian city of Strasbourg – whose name literally means ‘town at the crossing of roads’ – lies at a fascinating juncture between old and new, German and French. It is of course famous for its colossal Gothic cathedral, but also as the seat of the European Parliament, while its half-timbered German merchant dwellings sit next to elegant French townhouses.

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