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Tennis Cruises

Tennis Cruises

On a tennis cruise in the summer aboard Magna Carta on the River Thames, we will make arrangements for you to play at some wonderful riverside clubs like the Lensbury, the Royal Berkshire, or the Windsor Lawn Tennis Club.

In Burgundy aboard L'Art de Vivre, there will also be plenty of opportunity to play tennis, including in Auxerre on the Roland Garros type 'red dirt' surface only found in France.

You can even book a cruise for the week of the Wimbledon or the French Open, a chance to immerse yourself in the world of tennis.

A small supplement is required to cover the additional costs of the pre booked clubs. A tennis cruise can be booked any time by a group chartering the barge. If you are booking just one or two cabins and you wish to join other like-minded people then we may have a pre-arranged departure date for this purpose. If our date does not fit in with your plans then we can waitlist your request to see whether anyone else is interested in a tennis cruise on that date.

*Tennis themed cruises are charter only.


Barges and areas for Tennis Cruises

Barges : Athos  |  Magna Carta  |  L'Art de Vivre  

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