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Classic Cruises

Classic Cruises

Our classic cruises are designed to give the opportunity to explore all aspects of the region you are cruising through. Your specially designed hotel barge usually has an interesting history of its own and the personable crew will be on hand to look after you throughout the cruise. From the vessel you will be amazed by breathtaking landscapes, beautiful scenery and spectacular architecture as you look out from deck on your daily cruises.

Your tour guide will take you on daily excursions, in an air conditioned minibus, to visit the attractions that define the area, a chance to envelop yourself in the art history and culture of the region. Then there is your master chef who, with his extraordinary meals, will help you explore the gastronomy, wine and other products typical of the region. It is common for the chef to take you to a local market to see where he buys his produce and wine tastings at local vineyards and chateaux are always included.

The waterways we have chosen are always well suited to cycling and walking and bikes are provided. The crew are always happy to recommend gentle tow paths and little known trails and the regular locks on route give plenty of opportunities to board and leave the barge.

All of our barges offer a classic 6 night cruise whether you want to charter a barge for a group or simply book a cabin and join other like minded people.


Barges and areas for Classic Cruises

Barges : Athos  |  Anjodi  |  Shannon Princess  |  Scottish Highlander  |  Rosa  |  Renaissance  |  Panache  |  Nymphea  |  Magna Carta  |  L'Impressionniste  |  L'Art de Vivre  |  La Nouvelle Etoile  |  La Belle Epoque  |  La Bella Vita  |  Enchante  |  Clair de Lune  |  Finesse  |  Spirit of Scotland  

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