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Whisky Business: The Celtic Love of the ‘Water of Life’ - 16th May 2017

It’s been the cause of many an argument in the pub or club – whisky or whiskey, which one is the correct spelling? As with most age-old disagreements, the answer is... both. Welcome to the history of whisk(e)y. 


Chef’s Recipe: Cullen Skink - 25th Jan 2017

By Metukkalihis (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsThe idea of eating minced lamb, oatmeal, onions and spices cooked in a sheep’s stomach is not to everybody’s taste, so here is a recipe for Cullen Skink, a very tasty soup which is also often served on Burns’ Night. This soup has its roots in Cullen, a small town on the Moray Firth coast and is traditionally made using Finnan haddock.


Whisky Tasting in Scotland - 10th Feb 2016

If you have been on any of our hotel barge cruises and enjoyed one of the private tastings at esteemed wineries that we offer, you’ll be familiar with the concept of certain regions producing certain wines. With whisky the regional distinctions are not so clear-cut which makes a whisky-tasting themed barge cruise all the more educational.


Chef’s Recipe: Haggis - 24th Jan 2016

If there is one dish that is immediately identified as being Scottish, it is haggis. Contrary to an old yarn, haggis is not a wild animal indigenous to Scotland. It is a spicy mix of sheeps liver and heart, oatmeal, and spices boiled inside a sheeps paunch.  


Scottish Traditions - 23rd Dec 2015

With Christmas and the New Year nearly upon us, you may be interested to know a little more about the tradition of Hogmanay on December 31st in Scotland. The origins of Hogmanay stretch back to the pagan practice of sun and fire worship in mid-winter.


Chef’s Recipe: Tipsy Laird - 23rd Dec 2015

Here’s a recipe for a delicious dessert – Tipsy Laird – a Scottish version of the classic sherry trifle which is often served on special occasions like Christmas or New Year’s Eve. It is deliciously sweet but less heavy than Clootie Dumpling or Christmas Pudding.


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