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Rick Stein’s French Odyssey - The Theme Music

The music behind the successful BBC TV series Rick Stein’s French Odyssey, which heavily featured two of our hotel barges Anjodi and Rosa, was produced by Malcolm Ironton, Musical Director at Crocodile Music.

Malcolm Ironton first became interested in music at a very tender age and was selected to be trained as a chorister at the Royal School of Church Music, for whom he sang at Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and King’s College Cambridge regularly.

At thirteen he won a scholarship to Harrow School of Art where he discovered pop music and picked up his first guitar. After leaving Harrow he joined a major London advertising company as a junior designer and with a friend formed a group called Canterbury Glass.

The agency recognised his musical talents and commissioned him to write and compose TV commercial jingles for many well known products such as Mars, Budweiser & Kleenex. It was with the encouragement of the agency that Malcolm and his co-writing partner formed Crocodile Music and since then they have written and produced award winning original music, sound design and voice overs for film and TV. Crocodile Music’s acclaimed pieces of work include Antonio Carluccio’s Italy and the Rick Stein series of BBC programmes.

Based in the centre of London, Malcolm and his partner; Production & Marketing Director Ray Tattle, have at their disposal a large number of professional musicians.

Here at European Waterways we salute the efforts made by Crocodile Music for their ability to match the bucolic mood of the canal scenery, waterways life and gastronomy of South West France.

The Rick Stein’s French Odyssey CD can be purchased from Crocodile Music.

And of course you can follow in the foot steps of Rick Stein yourself aboard Anjodi or Rosa.
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