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Regatta Cruises

Regatta Cruises

The Vogalonga competition has been around since the birth of Venice and takes place in May each year.  It is one on the main events and has always been funded solely by the participants with a passionate interest in rowing in the lagoon. The racecourse has remained virtually unchanged over the years and covers about 30 kilometres by way of canals through the most beloved and picturesque parts of the Lagoon of Venice.

The Regatta Storica and the Riviera Fiorita also come to Venice every year usually in September. The Regatta Storica is the most traditional among the Venetian events and took place for the first time in 1315 under the rule of the doge Giovanni Soranzo. This sumptuous event, formerly organized to celebrate the military victories or to honour the foreign dignitaries, is today made up of two different parts, the historical parade and the rowing boat races.
Please contact us for more details of our customised itineraries based around these regattas and the small supplement that the extended itineraries may require.


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