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Cruising Through History - 20th Jan 2016

If you join us for a cruise along the Canal du Nord today, you might never guess that this 60-mile stretch of peaceful water, which today cuts through the countryside of northern France, was once the site of a fierce battle. It’s even less likely that you would spare a passing thought at the significance of the bridges that criss-cross the canal at various points. 


Spring Cruising Aboard Luxury Hotel Barge ‘La Belle Epoque’ in 2015 - 2nd Dec 2014

European Waterways is offering four, all-inclusive ‘World War One Commemorative Cruises’ in April 2015 aboard its 12-passenger hotel barge La Belle Epoque, on a cruise route that passes right through the battlefields of Northern France. 


European Waterways Announces New World War One Commemorative Cruises For 2015 - 3rd Jun 2014

European Waterways have announced the launch of a series of cruises commemorating the anniversary of World War One, to begin next year. The World War One themed cruises offer travelers a chance to fully experience an integral chapter of world history.


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