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Loire Valley

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France’s Five Most Enchanting Châteaux - 29th Jun 2016

The grandiose country château – the French equivalent of the British ‘stately home’ – is a common sight in rural France, each with its own unique heritage and history. As you make your way slowly through the French countryside on a hotel barge cruise, you’re sure to spot some of these impressive manor houses, some with stony fortifications, others presiding over acres of vineyards. 


Unique Cruising Experiences on a Hotel Barge Cruise in France - 29th Jun 2015

A cruise on a hotel barge gives you access to some unique opportunities that other types of holiday cannot rival. In this article we take a look at some hidden highlights that can only be experienced on a barge cruise in France.


New Base of Operations and Details of our 2014 Refurbishing Programme - 14th Feb 2014

With an investment of more than £250,000 and a grant from the regional government, European Waterways has announced the opening of a new base of operation in the village of Ravieres, alongside the Burgundy Canal. This canal-side facility will allow the luxury hotel barge operator to carry out winter refurbishment programmes, upgrades and on-going maintenance of its French-based luxury barges, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained across the fleet. 


Honeymoon Cruises on Hotel Barge Nymphea in the Loire Valley - 3rd Mar 2010

Six night /seven day cruises for between 4 and 12 people are available for Family Charters on some of our barges, such as Nymphea in the Loire Valley


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