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Luxury Canal Holidays in France with European Waterways

Booking a cruise on one of our luxury hotel barges is a great way to explore France’s various landscapes, cultural life and gastronomy delights. Guests have been boarding our hotel barges to enjoy a wide range of canal holidays in France since 1974, when we founded European Waterways. From the Alsace to the Midi, we have picked routes that we believe make our French canal holidays unforgettable. With no fewer than 13 hotel barges accommodating 6 to 12 passengers, there is sure to be a fully-crewed hotel barge that will suit you and your party.
The choice of European Waterways barges offer opportunities to discover some of the 2,700 miles of French inland waterways. If you’re looking for ‘off the beaten track’, you should try ‘on the water’: floating talong the Canal du Midi, the Canal du Nivernais, the Canal de Briare or the Canal de Bourgogne, will give you a unique perspective of some of the delightful scenery, history and regional culture of this country.

Bountiful Burgundy

Some of the most popular cruises are in Burgundy, which is sometimes described as the heart of the hotel barge vacation. Wine lovers could not choose a better cruise destination than Burgundy – you’ll have ample opportunities to discover part of the 60,000 acres of vineyards in this region.

The Historic Canal du Midi

For sun-lovers, the Canal du Midi in the South is the waterway of choice, being a host for many French barge holidays. Being pampered and looked after as you unwind on deck, with a glass of chilled wine in hand, you can watch the French countryside glide by at your leisure, with stop-offs at vineyards, chateaux, and quaint, authentic villages en route.

Gastronomic Gascony

Our French canal holidays to the west of the Midi visit the region of Gascony. The hotel barge heads through the heart of L’Occitanie along the Canal des Deux Mers, where the vineyards and orchards offer up bountiful fruits that are made into the wines and food for which Bordeaux is renowned. 

The Luxurious Loire Valley

If you are looking for fairytale castles then your dreams will come true on a cruise through the Loire Valley. Cruising on the River Cher in a luxury hotel barge is a holiday that only European Waterways offers. Leave the car and board a boat to explore the architectural splendours of the many chateaux that populate this charming region.

Sparkling Champagne

For those who have a taste for Champagne there can be no better way to sample this luxury wine than in the region itself. Our barge holidays here include opportunities for visits to champagne houses, with private tasting sessions and the chance to see the regional sites which include chateaux, historic battlefields and cathedrals.

Architectural Alsace & Lorraine

At European Waterways we like to offer our guests a rich range of destinations, where there is an inland waterway takes you to the heart of a cultural experience in a region of France.  Alsace & Lorraine is just such a region and you’ll be in for a feast of architecture, charming village life, unique cuisine and superb white wines on a barge holiday along the Canal de la Marne au Rhin.
Whether you join us on a luxury barge cruise for one of our river or canal holidays in France, we promise that you’ll travel the waterways in style. 

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