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There have been many interesting and entertaining articles written by journalists and travel writers from across the globe about their journeys on our luxury hotel barge cruises. Click on any of the links below to read them in full.
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Barging Along the Caledonian Canal,

"The Highlands are totally different to what I expected. It’s like being abroad, in France or somewhere. I thought it would be more rugged, but it has a calm green beauty all of its own. And the people are friendly and proud of their heritage.  And the barge trip? One of the most memorable holidays that I’ve ever had. What a wonderful way to unwind!" Read more here.

Barging in Burgandy - Peter L. Rothholz, The Cutting Edge News

"Good food, good wine, good company, the rolling hills of Burgundy and tranquility. That’s what we found aboard the barge l’Impressioniste as we slowly cruised the historic Burgundy Canal in Eastern France." Read more here.

Tasteful Burgundy - Nick Constance, Signature Magazine 

"For the next six days we navigate a total of 35 locks and cruise just short of 100 kilometres. We travel along two canals – the Nivernais and Bourgogne – and down into the Yonne River. The scenery is consistently and miraculously beautiful and it’s no exaggeration to say that certain moments feel damn near spiritual." Read more here.

A Hotel Barge on the Canal du Midi in France - Andy Alpine, Speciality Travel

“We glided along - day after day - through changing landscapes and blossoming river-side flowers. The colours varied with the time of day and the cloud formations - but the "sounds" of silence were constant.” Read more here.

Cruising on the luxury hotel barge Panache - David Powell, Ashford Advertiser Group

“This was my first luxury hotel barge cruise and I would most certainly recommend it. My wife and I rated this as one of our best holidays. European Waterways delivered a specialised and professional service from start to finish and this cruise experience will be remembered for many years to come. I can’t wait to go barging again; a relaxing way to see more of Europe’s finest scenery, experience the history and local culture on Panache or one of the other barges in the fleet.” Read more here. 

Luxury on the Loire - Barbara Kingstone, Forever Young Information, March 2014

Luxury Canal Cruising on the Scottish Highlander - Mark Bradley, Go World Travel, January 2014

A Ramble on the Thames aboard a Hotel Barge - Emilie C. Harting, Miami Herald (Also appeared on the Huffington Post Blog) January 2014

Barging through quaint French canals - Barbara Kingdtone, The Canadian Jewish News, January 2014

Spending a Relaxing Week Cruising France's Burgundy Canal - Mary Beltran, International Travel News, January 2014

Take a Slow Boat - Denise Barkley, Oxfordshire Limited Edition, January 2014
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Canal Barging in France, So Easy, So Speical - Barbara Kingstone, Indulged Traveler, September 2013

Canal Barging: Idyllic Cruise Vacation - Ron Stern, - September 2013

Relaxing Barge Trip along the Canal du Midi is Perfect for a Taste of French Cuisine - Bridget Mcgrouther, Daily Record, September 2013

Hotel Barge Offers the Rogue Life on the Thames - Emilie C. Harting, Huffington Post, August 2013

Barging through Italy - Victor Dorff, Global Writes, August 2013

Charting a course of luxury on European Waterways - Kay Fernandez, Upscale Living Magazine, August 2013

Cruising the Canal du Midi: Move over Rick Stein... It's my turn for a French Odyssey - Bridget McGrouther, The Mail Online, July 2013

5 Reasons to go on a Barge Cruise in France - Alison Wright, CNN, June 2013


A Taste of Vintage Burgundy - Sara Macefield, Daily Express, July 2013

Discover a New Way to Cruise... on a Barge - Irvina Lew,, June 2013

USA Today Profiles the Hotel Barge Cruising Experience - Heidi Sarna, USA Today, June 2013

La Bella Vita Barge Cruise Review - Durant Imboden, Europe for Visitors, June 2013

River Cruising in Ireland - Peter Lynch, Silver Travel Advisor, June 2013

French barging along the Canal du Midi - Lisa Gerard-Sharp, Euro Travel Magazine, May 2013

French Wine Cruise in Burgundy on a River Barge, Skimbako Lifestyle - Katja Presnal, May 2013

Life in the very slow lane - Sue Bryant, Cruise Critic, April 2013

European Barging - The Luxury Begins Early! - Lisa Sonne, Luxury Travel Mavens, April 2013

Hidden Gem - Barging on a Slow Boat through Europe - Susan Young, Travel Agent Central, April 2013

An Alsatian Journey on Panache - Lynn Houghton, Travel Daily Media, March 2013

Go aboard - Not abroad - Norrie Hunter, January 2013


Leisurely luxury on European Waterways barge sailing - Michelle Barran, Travel Weekly, October 2012

Life on La Bella Vita - Ann Lemons Pollack, Ladue News, October 2012

Scottish highlander, The Slow Barge to Inverness - Susan Parker, The Avid Cruiser, October 2012

Welcome Abard - Mary Conisbee, Surrey Occasions, September 2012
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Cruising the Venetian Hinterland - Heidi Fuller-Love, Italy Mag, August 2012

Barge cruising in Burgundy on European Waterways - Elissa Richard, Fodors, August 2012

A Cruise Without the Cruise Ship - Melissa & James Luce, The Wall Street Journal, July 2012

7 reasons to barge through Burgundy - Irene Levine,, July 2012

Touring Burgundy by Barge - Irene Levine, Huffington Post, July 2012

There's nothing Midi about this cruise - Malcolm Bassett-Smith, Ashford Advertiser, July 2012

Anthony Lambert is Captivated by the delights of the Bianco Canal - Anthony Lambert, The Daily Express, July 2012

Cruising through Burgundy - Julianne Mooney,, July 2012

Barge Cruising in France's Burgundy region - Rita Cook, The Travelers Way, May 2012

My French Holiday on European Waterways - Clare Dudley, Ponders Travel Blog, May 2012

Extreme Pampering - Robin Hicks, What's on Where in the Herault, May 2012

The View from the Boat - Arlene Stacey, Zoomermag, April 2012 - Page 1
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In Rick Stein's Footsteps, Gourmet Cuisine on the Canal du Midi - The Travel Editor, Solange Hando, April 2012

Canal Cruise in the South of France, Relax on a Hotel Barge - The Travel Editor, Solange Hando, April 2012

Barging through burgundy - Wine Traveler, Carol Wright, April 2012

Gourmet Dining in France - French Cuisine - Suite101, Mari Nicholson, April 2012

Barging on the Canal du Midi, France - West European Travel - Suite101 , Mari Nicholson, April 2012

Barge Right In - Hong Kong Tatler, Carol Wright, April 2012

Traveling from Loch Ness through Scotlands Great Glen - Destination Travel Magazine, Karen Regn, April 2012

Barging through France - Notable Travels, Linda Fasteson, March 2012

Life in the Slow Lane - World of Cruising Magazine, Carol Wright, March 2012

A Cruise to Remember - Which? Travel, March 2012

Meet the Experts - Mundy Cruising, March 2012

A Gentle Cruise on a Hotel Barge: Discover the Very Soul of Europe - Ralph Collier, Main Line Tiems, March 2012

Discover an Explosion of Colour on this Dutch River Cruise - Barbara Ramsay Orr, The Globe and Mail, February 2012

Burgundy Afloat - Roger St. Pierre, Always France, February 2012

Plenty to See Around Scotland’s Loch Ness - Karen Regn, The Travel Belles, January 2012


Barging into Burgundy - Brian Caldecott, Eastern Daily Press, December 2011

Tranquility on a Hotel Barge in Italy's Po Valley - Emilie Harting, The Boston Globe, September 2011

A Barge Cruise in Burgundy, Part 1 - Carol Canter, The Examiner, August 2011
A Barge Cruise in Burgundy, Part 2 - Carol Canter, The Examiner, August 2011
Anjodi Hotel Barge, France - Tim Hedgley,, August 2011

Scot Free on the Glen – Andrew Eames, Sunday Express, June 2011{Page 1}{Page 2}

Burgundy Gourmet Barging – Will Roberts, Foodtripper, January 2011

The Ultimate Wining, Dining Holiday – Mari Nicholson, The Travel Editor, January 2011

Along the Canal du Nivernais – Alison Gardner, Travel with a Challenge January 2011


Loch Ness and the Scottish Highlander - John Newton, Mature Traveller & Leisure Guide, December 2010

New Barges for 2011 Season – Travel with a Challenge, November 2010

Burgundy is the Heart of France – Peter Lynch, The Western Australian, November 2010

Down the Lazy Rivière – Andrea Kitay, Ventana Monthly, October 2010

Go Barging in France for the Finest in French Cuisine – Mary McGrath, Los Angeles, July 2010

What to Expect on a Canal Barge Trip with in France - Mari Nicholson,, July 18 2010

Luxury Cruise, Anjodi Barge – Maggie Oehlbeck, The luxury Travel Bible, July 17, 2010

Go Barging! Luxurious Travel through the Canal of France – Mary McGrath, My Daily Find, July 14, 2010

Barging in France, Dining like a Duke, on the Canals of Burgundy – Mari Nicholson,, July 13, 2010

An Intimate Experience at a Casual Pace in France – Carolan Nathan, Allways Traveller, June 2010

La Bella Vita – from Venice to Mantua by Hotel Barge – Linda Fasteson, The Examiner, Apr 26, 2010 

You’ll Never Walk Alone on a European Waterways Burgundy Cruise, eGlobal Travel News Australia/NZ, Apr 27, 2010

French Barge Holiday Cruises -, September 2009

In the Lap of Floating Luxury - Paul James, Herald Express, September 4 2009

For Great Golf Getaways, Go Barging - Rikki White, Golfer Today, September 2009

Go Barging in the Footsteps of Rick Stein - Jane Archer, Travel Weekly Blog, July 24 2009

Cruising the Loire River - Dave Bowers, Daily Mail, July 8 2009

Great Golf and Barge Break - Kevin Brown, Today's Golfer, June 2009

Cruising the Caledonian Canal - Vivien Devlin, The Travel Editor, June 2009

British Barge Cruises - 

Go Barging Offers 2009 Wine Cruises -

France by Barge - Paul Cole, Sunday Mercury, February 15, 2009

Cruising in the Loire Valley - Dave Bowers, West Sussex County Times

Barging at its Best – Jon Siskin, TravelAge West, February 1 2009

Barging Around Venice, Italy - Cheri Sicard,, January 27 2009

Earlier Articles

Canal du Midi Barging – Riana Lagarde, Passport Newsletter, July 3 2008

Floating Au-Barge – Riana Lagarde, TravelAge West, June 25 2008

Venice: A View from the Water - Cassandra Jardine, Daily Telegraph, February 1 2008

Sweet Life on Canals of Venice – Maggy Oehleck, Sunday Telegraph, Australia, October 2, 2006 


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