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Longer Waterway Journeys

Longer Waterway Journeys

If you are looking for a different cruising experience, we offer a number of ‘voyages of exploration’ of varying duration along some delightful inland waterways in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany and Luxemburg. These cruises usually cover longer distances, so you will do more cruising during each journey. There may be fewer opportunities to bike or walk but there is more time to appreciate the character of individual canals or rivers, particularly at times of year when the landscapes are at their best. And, of course, on all these cruises there will be a variety of culturally interesting excursions to cities and other landmarks as your barge passes through each region.

You can take a 6 night cruise from Holland to the charming Belgian city of Bruges, or embark on a longer 11 or 13 night voyage by way of Bruges, Ghent and through the hills of Picardy, to Paris.
Alternatively, cruise through Paris, experiencing a fabulous night-time passage past the floodlit Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame and down the Rivers Seine and Yonne to the city of Auxerre in Burgundy. Or perhaps cruise along the River Moselle which forms a natural border between Luxemburg and Germany and where you will be enchanted by the backdrop of vineyards.

The stylish 12 passenger Panache cruises from Ouderkerk in Holland to Bruges in Belgium and then on through Picardy to Paris for a few weeks in late Spring following her Tulip cruises in Holland and before she spends the Summer in Alsace-Lorraine.
The 8 passenger La Nouvelle Etoile, like the other two barges, winds its way through Holland, Belgium and Picardy in Northern France to Paris in late Spring, and, in addition, cruises the River Moselle in Germany in the Autumn.

6 Week Voyage 

And for a really extraordinary cruising experience, we offer a 6 week voyage of a lifetime aboard hotel barge L'Impressionniste from Provence to Holland through several countries and historic cities along some of Europe’s great rivers including the Rhone, Seine and Rhine, as well as many other picturesque waterways. This 1,000 mile cruise is a wonderful combination of cruising, sightseeing and city tours, discovering the regional cultures, cuisine and wines of Provence, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace, the Moselle and Rhine valleys.  For more information on this itinerary please click here.

These cruises are often very customisable and we encourage people to contact us to discuss it further.


Barges and areas for Longer Waterway Journeys

Barges : L'Impressionniste  |  La Nouvelle Etoile  

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