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River Cruises in Europe 

When you search for river cruises in Europe you are probably imagining that smooth, weightless feel of the parting waters as your boat glides down the river or canal. European Waterways specialises in creating that ultimate feeling of relaxation for guests who board their floating boutique hotels for one of their unique river cruises. Europe is a playground of waterways that offer an idyllic backdrop for a peaceful holiday.
Over the course of your journey with us you will enjoy local excursions that will give you an opportunity to experience the destination’s highlights and to sample the regional cuisine. At the end of each day your boat will await you: a haven of tranquillity far removed from the urban race where you can enjoy the finest luxury and the ultimate in service.


European river cruises can give you a real taste of the country that you are exploring by boat. Our hotel barges ply rivers and canals in several key destinations that offer the best river cruises in Europe.
For the Francophiles we have researched the best of the nation’s 2,700 miles of inland waterways for our cruising holidays. France is a well loved destination for those who enjoy river cruises in Europe. Visitors can take advantage of local culinary specialties, the fine wines and cultural gems that are accessible from their barge boat.
However, you should also consider European river cruises in other countries too. Italy attracts hordes of tourists every year so imagine having the luxury of observing the picturesque landscape and colourful villages from the comfort of your floating hotel. 
If you prefer the Germanic and Benelux experience then you should consider a voyage of discovery through these more northern water passages. Whether your imagination is fired by the charming cities of Belgium or the castles, vineyards and medieval timbered houses of Germany, you can see the best of them on our river cruises. Europe’s friendliest people will welcome you and your boating party.
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European River Cruises by Barge

If you love the water and you want a different perspective on the countries that you are exploring then our river cruises in Europe offer you that unique experience. 
Our barges are styled ‘floating boutique hotels’ where you can relax in the capable hands of the attentive crew. Limited to 6-20 passengers, the intimate quality of our boats provides our guests with a sense of exclusivity. 
The gentle speed of the boats as they cruise the rivers and canals of Europe, coupled with daily excursions for sightseeing, cycling and even hot air ballooning, will give you that sense of wellbeing that you deserve from the best vacations.

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Cruise Areas in Europe:

Burgundy  Canal du Midi  Alsace-Lorraine  Gascony  Champagne  Paris Picardy  Belgium  Germay & Luxembourg  Holland  Italy  Scotland  England  Ireland

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