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Loire Valley

Cruises in the Loire Valley

The spectacular Loire Valley and its main tributary, the River Cher, have carried cargo and passengers for over 2000 years, since pre-Roman times. The Valley of the Kings is a timeless region of spectacular beauty and grace and we are delighted to offer the only hotel barge navigating the heart of the Loire Valley. The Loire Valley is as rich in legend as it is in beauty and you will realise that, fortunately, little has changed over the centuries. Talk to a cheesemaker and find out why his is the most famous goat's cheese in France. Wind your way through the narrow streets of a centuries-old village, perhaps discovering hidden shops with hand-painted pottery, or stumble across an open market on your own.

This map represents a sample itinerary which is subject to change.
The 6 passenger Nymphea is the ideal vessel for cruising this region. The experienced captain will take you on unforgettable tours of Chateau de Chenonceau, the Villandry Gardens and a Troglodyte cave dwelling allowing you to become completely immersed in the wonders of the Loire. We do not neglect the fact that the Loire is a land that produces wines of the very highest standard so private wine tastings at Montrichard and the Domaine de Fontenay are arranged.

The ultra deluxe Renaissance and La Nouvelle Etoile cruise in western Burgundy and the upper Loire providing cruises which give a taste of this region, along with their classic Burgundy cruises. Please follow the links below for more information on our canal cruises and barges in the Loire Valley:


Cruises and barges in Loire Valley

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