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Holland is famous, of course, for its tulips, but as a land with a rich artistic and cultural history, it has a lot more to offer. The western provinces of the land of water are populated by windmills which sit above the polders and along the very river that gave its name to Amsterdam.

Visitors are entranced by the colours of the bulb fields and the magnificence of the formal gardens such as the world-renowned Keukenhof Gardens, but at the same time marvel at the architecture and engineering feats of its innovative people.

Lovers of culture come from far and wide to tour the traditional Dutch cities and their many museums. Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Haarlem will charm you, just as they did the great artists, while other attractions such as the Delft Blue potteries and Gouda cheese market are equally memorable.

This map represents one of the itineraries we offer in this region.

The 12 passenger Panache, 12 passenger Savoir Faire and 8 passenger La Nouvelle Etoile cruise Holland in the spring, when the flowers are in full bloom.


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