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Barge Holidays France

If you are thinking about barge holidays in France then you have come to the right place. France is a land of fine food and wine, spectacular scenery and wonderful culture, and all of this can be experienced on a barge holiday. France is a destination we have specialised in since 1974 and our luxury holidays visit some of the country's most beautiful waterways. We have 13 hotel barges, which can accommodate between 6 and 12 passengers, spanning regions from Alsace to the Midi. The route of each of our barge holidays in France has been specially selected by us, so no matter where or when you cruise, we are sure to have the barge cruise for you.
There are over 2700 miles of inland waterways in France and an integral part of this system is a 750-mile network of canals linking up the main rivers. The perfect way to discover the country is on a gentle barge holiday. France is at its best away from the main tourist trails, and canals like the Briare, Nivernais, Burgundy and Canal du Midi are perfect for exploring some of France’s finest scenery, fascinating history and local culture. 

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, in France’s heartland, is one of the most popular cruising areas and is often referred to as the home of hotel barge holiday. France boasts some of the world’s finest wines and with around 60,000 acres of sunlit vines, a cruise in Burgundy is highly recommended if you are a wine enthusiast. Another popular destination for a France barge holiday is the sun-drenched Canal du Midi in the South of France. The pace of life is relaxed and lulls you into unwinding as you cruise this serene and shady tree-lined waterway inland past ancient villages and Roman fortifications.  
Further west from the Midi is Gascony, another great region to cruise. The Canal des Deux Mers passes through the region of L’Occitanie – a veritable palette of colours and scents created by orchards and vineyards.  Bordeaux wine country is another region visited on a European Waterways barge holiday. France is country where good food and wine is a way of life, and Bordeaux perfectly exemplifies this culture.
The wonderful Loire Valley with its chateaux and scenery offers another great experience for a barge holiday. France can often be a timeless land of spectacular beauty and grace, and we are delighted to offer the only hotel barge navigating the heart of the Loire Valley, along the peaceful River Cher. The proximity of such a wealth of gorgeous Renaissance architecture makes a cruise along this waterway a unique travel experience.
The beautiful region of Champagne, east of Paris, has much to offer with vineyards spread across the rolling plains as far as the eye can see, and there will be plenty of opportunity to sample the sparkling wine to which the region has given its name. The area has a rich, history and during our barge holidays in France we will visit a number of landmarks, chateaux and cathedrals.  For something slightly different we offer cruises in Alsace-Lorraine, located on France's eastern border.  With its unique mix of French and German cultures, Baroque and Romanesque architecture, storybook villages, diverse culinary specialities and wonderful white wines, it truly is a great region for a hotel barge cruise.
Whatever your choice of barge holiday, France will come alive as you glide serenely along waterways that pass through magnificent countryside. Be taken on fascinating local excursions; indulge in delicious meals, fine wines and comfortable accommodation – whilst all the time being pampered by your attentive crew.

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