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The Lock-Keeper Blog

The Lock-Keeper has gone viral! Every few weeks we will be blogging about the Hotel barging experience; From the history of our hotel barges to some of the off the beaten track excursions we visit. Intrigued? Then read on...

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Family Charters - All Together Now! 30th Nov 2015

Many people have really hectic lifestyles these days, so a holiday when several generations of the same family, perhaps for a birthday celebration, can grab that rare opportunity to all be together is becoming more and more desirable.

Chef's Recipe: Boeuf Bourguignon 29th Nov 2015

Cut the salt pork into strips and sauté for about 5 minutes until lightly brown. Remove the strips from the frying pan, leaving enough rendered fat to coat the pan. Cut the beef into 2-3" chunks and season with salt and pepper. Fry the chunks in the rendered fat, being careful not to crowd the pieces. Brown the chunks until well crusted on all sides. Remove browned meat to casserole.

Meet Mike Crowson – the ‘Barge Chef’ 6th Nov 2015

Mike Crowson loves to use his skills to create dishes using wonderful local ingredients for the guests on hotel barge Rosa which cruises the picturesque Canal de Garonne in southwest France.  

The Canal du Midi by ‘Moonlight’ 6th Nov 2015

Hotel barge Clair de Lune cruises the ever-popular Canal du Midi each year, between the little village of Le Somail and the old fortified city of Carcassonne. And for 2016, there is news of another voyage of exploration along this historic canal. 

Elevating Experiences On Board Panache 5th Nov 2015

From mid-June through October, the stylish hotel barge Panache cruises the Canal de la Marne au Rhin through an area famous for its unique blend of French and German influences, strongly evident in its customs, cuisine, wines and architecture.

Chef's Recipe: Breaded Camembert with a Port and Red Currant Sauce 5th Nov 2015

Cut the Camembert into quarters. Dip the quarters in the beaten egg yolk and then in the bread crumbs, making sure they are well covered. Place the Camembert in the freezer... 

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