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The Lock-Keeper Blog

The Lock-Keeper has gone viral! Every few weeks we will be blogging about the Hotel barging experience; From the history of our hotel barges to some of the off the beaten track excursions we visit. Intrigued? Then read on...

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Scottish Traditions 23rd Dec 2015

With Christmas and the New Year nearly upon us, you may be interested to know a little more about the tradition of Hogmanay on December 31st in Scotland. The origins of Hogmanay stretch back to the pagan practice of sun and fire worship in mid-winter.

The Historic and Iconic Canal du Midi 23rd Dec 2015

For over three centuries, the Canal du Midi has been winding its way through southwest France, a meandering waterway of 150 picturesque miles stretching from Toulouse to Étang de Thau. Constructed between 1666 and 1681 to provide a link between the Mediterranean Sea and the Garonne River, the Canal du Midi exists today as a feat of incredible engineering.

Chef’s Recipe: Tipsy Laird 23rd Dec 2015

Here’s a recipe for a delicious dessert – Tipsy Laird – a Scottish version of the classic sherry trifle which is often served on special occasions like Christmas or New Year’s Eve. It is deliciously sweet but less heavy than Clootie Dumpling or Christmas Pudding.

Themed Cruise Choices for 2016 8th Dec 2015

For those people wishing to combine a relaxing holiday with a special interest, we offer a wide range of itineraries and themed cruises to choose from aboard its fleet of hotel barges. In 2016, just some of the special interest themed cruises on offer include Golfing in Scotland, Flower Shows in England & Opera in Italy. 

The Dramatic Scottish Highlands 2nd Dec 2015

The Scottish Highlands are a place of magic and mystery, where green peaks loom over lonely valleys and dense fog lingers over the lochs. When you visit this untamed place, you understand how the brooding, restless landscape lends itself well to the backdrops of many a drama on the silver screen.  

Burgundy’s Cultural Landscape 1st Dec 2015

The gently rolling hills of Burgundy are famous for producing some of the best wines in the world – Chablis, Côte de Beaune, Côte de Nuits, and more. In the iconic countryside vineyards, the neat and lush green rows of grapevines stretch to the horizon, rising up slopes and down. Scenes like this are just one of the many you can expect to see on a leisurely canal cruise through this picturesque region. 

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