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Cheese of the Moment: Roquefort - 7th Mar 2017

This time, we look at Roquefort, a wonderful blue sheep’s milk cheese, produced in the Aveyron departement of southern France, which is rich, creamy and salty in flavour. It is served most often on our hotel barges on the Canal du Midi and is perfect with Muscat grapes, figs or walnuts. 


Carcassonne: the Canal du Midi’s Captivating City - 25th Jan 2017

Guests often wait with bated breath for the final destination on their cruise of the Canal du Midi: the impressive medieval citadel of Carcassonne. La Cité, or the medieval city, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most iconic – and most visited – attractions in France.  


The European Waterways’ 2017 Collection - 26th Sep 2016

September sees the launch to the marketplace of European Waterways’ new 2017 Brochure, featuring a wide choice of exclusive hotel barge cruises on the canals, rivers and lakes of mainland Europe and the British Isles. The new, full-colour, fully-illustrated brochure, enlarged to 88 pages, highlights all of the company’s 17 vessels.


Bastille Day in France – A Pyrotechnical Extravaganza! - 29th Jun 2016

If you are a lover of fireworks, the place to be on the evening of July 14th is Carcassonne in Southwest France. Here will be France’s biggest display of pyrotechnics to celebrate Bastille Day, although the French simply call it “Quatorze  Juillet”. 


Springtime Cruises - Some Great Options - 15th Apr 2016

You may think of summer as prime time for holidays, but why not beat the rush and book a European canal or river cruise in the Spring? More comfortable temperatures and less crowded tourist attractions – not to mention the chance to enjoy a relaxing holiday in one of Europe’s prettiest regions as it wakes from its winter slumber – all make Spring cruising a delight.


Reliving History in Minerve - 16th Mar 2016

France’s Canal du Midi cuts through picturesque, tranquil countryside – home to award-winning vineyards, fields of wild flowers, and animals grazing in the sunshine. Drifting along aboard a hotel barge during a cruise on this lovely canal, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this region, Languedoc-Roussillon, is a place where peace has always reigned.  


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