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Alsace & Lorraine

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Strasbourg: the City at the Crossroads - 12th Apr 2017

The Alsatian city of Strasbourg – whose name literally means ‘town at the crossing of roads’ – lies at a fascinating juncture between old and new, German and French. It is of course famous for its colossal Gothic cathedral, but also as the seat of the European Parliament, while its half-timbered German merchant dwellings sit next to elegant French townhouses.


Chef’s Recipe: A Different Stuffing for Turkey - 19th Dec 2016

Christmas is fast approaching, so here is a different recipe for turkey stuffing from one of our barge chefs using some fine ingredients from various regions of France.


Discover the Wonderful World of René Lalique - 29th Jun 2016

Cruising through Alsace aboard the Panache, you’re probably looking forward to the sights and sensations that make this region, which straddles the French-German border, so enchanting. Mountains rearing up on the horizon, sloping vineyards, steeply pitched gabled roofs with timber framing, crisp white wines and golden beers, the blending of French and German cultures. 


It’s a Family Affair in France this Summer - 7th Jun 2016

Three family-themed cruises, scheduled for this summer, are now bookable by cabins, with guaranteed departures when a minimum of three passengers book up to two cabins. We are also offering discounts for guests under 18, providing an excellent opportunity for small families to take advantage of their family-friendly itineraries in different regions of France.  


Popular hotel barges Panache and Anjodi Make France an even more appealing Destination this Summer - 1st May 2016

We are offering great savings on cabins and full boat charters on selected, 6-night cruises in France this season. These barges include Anjodi, which cruises the scenic Canal du Midi in southern France and Panache, which cruises in Alsace & Lorraine. 


A Holiday for Everyone - 15th Mar 2016

We know that planning a holiday that matches everyone’s preferences can be difficult, especially when there is a mixed group of different ages. So chartering a hotel barge may be just the thing as it offers so much flexibility and freedom. It is a voyage of fun and exploration. 


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